Simple Tips for Passing Tests

Water is a natural toxic eliminator. High intakes of water will flush out toxins and THC levels in the body. Your urine will be diluted and will test negative. Taking the water will give you amazing results.

Cranberry juice

Enough intake of cranberry juice combined with water will eliminate THC levels in the body. Cranberry is said to flush toxins in kidneys leaving a clean fluid in your body free from marijuana levels.


Coffee is a natural diuretic and helps flush out toxins in the system. Regular intake of coffee before the drug test will ensure your results are clean. For coffee lovers passing the drug test will be easy. However, you need to abstain from drug intake to ensure you pass the test.

Avoid submitting your first pee in the morning

The first pee immediately you wake up is very highly concentrated and will lead to an automatic positive marijuana result. Pee for two or more times before the urine test. Also, intake large amounts of water and hydrate the body. Hydration will allow flushing off of toxins in your system, and they will not be detected in the urine.

Substitute your sample with someone else

Substituting urine is a tip of how to pass a drug test. Though the method is adequate it is illegal and will lead to heavy penalties once caught. You can ask someone who has not been on drugs for many months for their sample. It is a dangerous but a good way to retain your job especially if you are a heavy marijuana user.

The only caution to take is to ensure that the person has not been taking drugs. Also, ensure you don’t get caught or suspected.

Abstain from drug use

If your job conducts a scheduled drug test the best way to be safe is to ensure you don’t smoke marijuana weeks before the trial. Marijuana remains in the system for many days thus the best way to be safe is detox and eliminate the drug if you value your profession or job. Additionally, don’t smoke marijuana immediately after the test-you may be required to test again. Abstinence is the only 100% guaranteed method of passing any drug test.