Pass Urinalysis Easily

Diluting the sample will lower the level of marijuana presence in the body leading to a negative result. However, most laboratories have techniques to measure the temperature of the urine to ensure you have not diluted. You need to dilute with a fluid that has almost the same temperature as your urine to be safe.

It is a smart idea of how to pass a drug test. The chances of being caught are high –if you over dilute or use a cold fluid. You need to be cautious as it is illegal to fabricate a drug test results and the penalties are hefty.

Mask the urine sample

Chemicals containing nitrates are used to mask urine and prevent the detection of THC levels. The testing equipment will not identify the substance in the blood. However, most labs have materials for sensing any substance added to the urine. You need to do research before the test and ensure your lab is not equipped with those urine chemical detectors.

Involve yourself in exercises

Marijuana dissolves in the fat cells. The best way to eliminate the drug in your system is through the cutting of fat by exercising regularly. You should do this often days before the drug test. Additionally, ensure that you are off the drug during the exercising process.

Avoid junk food and red meat

These foods cause water retention in the body thus slowing down the rate of metabolism. Reduced price of metabolism lowers the elimination of HTC levels in the body. The test will test positive especially if you are a frequent user of marijuana.

Take dandelion tea

Dandelion tea helps the liver to eliminate toxins from the body system. Regular intake of the drink will ensure your system is clean and free from the marijuana system. It also increases the level of metabolism in your body. The high rate of metabolism provides that the body can quickly remove toxins and marijuana substance in your system. However, you should not take the drug while trying to eliminate it from your body.

It is another method of how to pass a drug test. Fiber substances include grains, legumes, and legumes. Fibers provide the body with necessary nutrients that enable the organization to detox in a healthy way effectively.

A quality detox shampoo eliminates any traces of drug on your hair follicle. You can invest in a gentle shampoo that you can apply on your hair and massage through it for a few days before the actual drug test. Detoxing your hair will work if the drug test is being done through obtaining of hair samples.

Many employees fear to have positive drug results. The results will not only damage their reputation but make them lose their jobs. Marijuana in most countries is illegal even though the user is using it for medical purposes. A positive marijuana test will lead to your arrest and incurring heavy penalties.

Many people tend to fabricate the testing process and lie to their employees that they are not drug users. However, you need to be smart while fabricating your urine sample, blood or hair. Most recommended methods do actually work, but some are often risky. If you are detected, then the consequences will not be pleasing. Which methods are these?

It can work adequately for a lab without advanced equipment. Most employers hire third parties to measure the THC levels in your body. Before diluting your urine be keen on the person taking the test. Dilution of urine is illegal, and you will be fired immediately from your job without any form of compensation. Some laboratories are smart and will add dye to their toilets instead of water. Unknowingly you will add color to your urine, and it will be detected immediately.

You may ask your friend who is not a drug user to provide you with their pee. In the lab, you will not produce your pee but your friend’s. It is a useful method on how to pass a drug test. However, it is impossible to maintain the temperature of the urine for long, and the lab person may detect and request you to bring another sample.

These two methods work, but their risks are very high. Detoxing and abstaining from the marijuana drug are the best ways to eliminate drug tests in the body.

What are the consequences of failing to pass a drug test?

Once your drug test results show the presence of THC in your system, then the effects are not good. You will want to have clean urine for a drug test if you’re life job depends on it. Most employers require their employees to be sober to increase productivity and professionalism. A drug addict has withdrawal symptoms which will affect their production rate. Once the drug results come out positive it means:

Most employers don’t tolerate employees under the influence of drugs. It will lead to immediate termination of your agreement. However, if you believe the tests are false, you have a right to appeal and undergo another inspection.

Though some companies are lenient and will not terminate your job immediately. You will be relieved of your duties for a particular period and given a chance to stop the smoking of the weed. Upon return to duty, you are expected to undertake another test if it tests negative you are allowed to resume your task. However, if your drug test comes positive then you are permanently relieved of your duties.

After resuming to work, you will be required to take follow up drug tests to ensure you are off marijuana completely. Follow up tests may last for weeks or months.

In many states that have not legalized the use of marijuana-the use of the drug will lead to your arrest. It is a dangerous drug in most countries, and any use or handling will lead to you spending a couple of years behind bars.

Marijuana in most states it is associated with gangsters and prostitutes thus a definite result tints your image. People view you differently, and you can take longer fit in a professional business environment.

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